21 juni 2021

Promoties in de revalidatie

In 2018 hebben o.a. de volgende promoties plaatsgevonden:

The long term consequences of stroke

Henk Arwert, revalidatiearts
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Long-term Impact of Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Erik Grauwmeijer, revalidatiearts
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Recovery of arm-hand function after stroke: developing neuromechanical biomarkers to optimize rehabilitation strategies

Hanneke van der Krogt, revalidatiearts
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Physical activity in hard-to-reach physically disabled people; development, implementation and effectiveness of  a community-based intervention

Leonie Krops, onderzoeker 
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Family needs and the role of information in paediatric rehabilitation care

Mattijs Alsem, kinderrevalidatiearts
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Functional power-training in young children with cerebral palsy

Liesbeth van Vulpen, onderzoeker, fysiotherapeut
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Benefits of soft knee bracing in knee osteoarthritisn

Tomasz Cudejko, onderzoeker
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Investigating and stimulating walking after stroke

Jacqueline Outermans, fysiotherapeut, wetenschapper, docent hogeschool
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